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Ken Walker - Fine Artist

Ken Walker

Ken Walker

San Jose, CA - United States

Digital Kenneth Walker, born and raised in Silicon Valley, loves both music and fine art. He prefers to explore his own creative path. As a musician playing for a band for many years, Ken has infused his desire for, and his experience of, music into art.

Unlike other digital painters who use a photo as a basic form to transform their works into enhanced digital photography, Ken uses many different photo elements as his digital brushes to paint that closely mimics the process of painters who use traditional media and manually paint with brushes. Ken has developed his own colour palette that reflects his dynamic expression of music rhythms as well as his personal thought of love and life in his works. He said: “If the artist is a traveler on a plane, my artwork is the pilot. I may start the journey, but there is something else that moves and guides me to the final destination. The creative process has inspired me to keep going as a musician and an artist.”

Please visit Ken's blog for behind the scenes insight into his artwork. Thank you for visiting.



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